You can help us even the playing field!

Imagine sitting in a lively classroom, surrounded by your friends, yet feeling utterly disconnected. This is the daily reality for children like Ramone* (pictured*), a vibrant 4-year-old whose developmental challenges keep him isolated from the exciting play and learning experiences his classmates enjoy.

Did you know that 1 in 5 children under five* face developmental challenges that can hinder their progress both in school and later in life?  

That's nearly 300,000 children who might never catch up. These children are less likely to finish school and are more likely to experience unemployment and ill-health throughout their lives. 

Will you join us in leveling the playing field?

Your donation today will help us: 

  • Innovate and refine – we will continue to develop therapies that help children learn at the same pace as their peers, ensuring no child falls behind due to developmental delays 
  • Expand our reach – we can pilot these successful therapies in Benevolent Society hubs, adapting and perfecting our methods to benefit more children across Austrlia.  
  • Empower Families – we aim to build the capacity of parents and caregivers, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to support their children's development journeys effectively.  
  • Prove our impact – Your donation will help document and report outcomes, letting us demonstrate the effectiveness of our approaches to stakeholders and secure further support. 

Thank you for considering a donation today – your compassion and support mean the world!

*Actor used to represent Ramone.

**Australian Early Development Census, 2021

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What we do:

The Benevolent Society has a long history of supporting children and families especially the most vulnerable. We help families navigate through those challenges and provide support before things reach a crisis.
Our early childhood and family support services offer early intervention strategies, literacy support as well as referrals to specialists such as occupational and speech therapists. We also deliver supported playgroups promoting safety and parenting techniques for children who are not reaching their developmental milestones.