Most babies smile at 6 weeks. For Jordan it took 26 years.

Jordan has cerebral palsy and is missing the part of his brain that controls the five senses. Against all odds, Jordan has displayed remarkable tenacity since infancy – he was only supposed to live for six months.  

The 26 year old, is supported by The Benevolent Society’s Ashley who visits him in his group home. Since Jordan can't speak, Ashley has learned to understand what he is trying to say through his actions. 

Not only does Jordan have cerebal palsy, be he also has Kabuki Makeup Syndrome, a condition that results in a lack of facial expression. For 26 years, Jordan has never had any expression until now. With Ash's involvement, Jordan has begun to smile, something he never did before.  

Jordan's  mum, Lisa, credits Ashley, from the Benevolent Society with unlocking joy in their lives.

Lisa says “Jordan for the first time is actually starting to giggle and laugh. Like it's a really, really big thing. Things people take for granted” 

With your help, The Benevolent Society will be able to provide more people, like Jordan, with the services they need to thrive, connect with others in their community and reach their full potential.  

Help us provide life-changing services to people in need.

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